High School Rodeo
(all shots taken with Sony H9)
While leaving the Wapakoneta UKC dog show one steamy hot June afternoon, a sudden cloudburst stopped us in our tracks. It rained so hard we couldn't see to drive, so we sat and waited it out. As fast as it came, it was gone and the sun came out, making it even hotter than before. As we drove to the far end of the fairgrounds, we noticed horse trailers. HORSES!!! I begged Richard to stop, and grabbed my Sony H9. It was a RODEO!! Yippee!! We were on the far end of the fenced rodeo arena, but the H9 has a 15x zoom, and a fast continuous mode, so I was able to pull the action in close, and almost stop it. What a great little camera for this kind of event. Here are just a few of the cool shots I got. Hope you enjoy them.
It's hard to believe these are high schoolers, until you zoom in on those fresh, young faces. They really did a terrific job.
Remember that heavy rainstorm I spoke about. Look what it did to the arena. What a mess! Made me glad I couldn't get too close to the action. Trust me, any time the horses got close to my side of the fence I backed off. Had to protect that camera.

This one is cropped. Even with the H9, I couldn't get in THIS close.
The white horses didn't STAY white very long...about two strides outta the gate and they needed a bath.
This is actually the left half of the shot above. I cut it into two separate images because I thought each one told it's own story.
Got 'im!!
Now, what do we do with him?
New contestants....look at that mud fly!
These kids were my favorites. I love the matching white horses, and they fact that they all made such a great team was exciting to watch.