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My camera 'addiction' just grows and grows! We have quite a collection. When my little Kodak died, Richard bought me a Canon S3. It was a lot to learn, and I cussed it a lot, but I finally got the hang of it. Later we added a Sony CyberShot H5 to our camera arsenal in October '07, followed by Richard's Christmas Present...the brand new Nikon D40 dSLR. What a sweet little camera THAT is! When Sony came out with the H9, I gave the slower (but sharper) H5 to my daughter, and the H50's ease of use made me retire the H9 to the closet.
The Canon S3 went to my son, and  I have also added a couple of Fuji compacts, the f30 and the f40.
(I am a sick puppy.)
If you want to see more pictures than you can plow through in a month, visit our photobucket albums.
Please excuse the poorly aligned page. Sometimes Homestead will not allow me to center things up correctly, and I'm forced to the left side of the page. Being a computer dummy, I have no idea how to fix it.
Road Trip to Grand Lake St. Mary's. Sony H9.
Close Encounter with Mrs. Cardinal-Sony H50
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Rodeo!!-Sony H9