Close-up photography is one of my passions. When I add a little  creative cropping, the results can be quite least to me. Here are just a few of my favorite cropped close-ups.
Combining my passion for photography with my passion for daylilies, it stands to reason that I would enjoy working with these shots. The insides of a daylily are intriguing to me....especially the stamens and pollen-laden anthers.
Even when the pollen is washed away by heavy rains, this up-close look is a work of art.
This variety has a very complex eye-zone...a perfect subject for a close-up view. Notice there is NO pollen...yet. This shot was taken very early in the a.m. and the stamens were not open yet, the pollen was not ripe.
Going in very close often reveals some tiny surprises not seen through the view finder of the camera. Notice the little leg and the antennae?
This obviously is NOT a daylily.
I'll let you guess.
Even the most ordinary objects can become interesting and artsy when viewed through a close-up lens and cropped for effect.
A good example is this "Bunny Ears" or "Lamb's Ears". No plant is more mundane...I yank it out like weeds on a regular basis. But the lens of the camera shows that these rain-soaked leaves are anything but boring.
Speaking of leaves that are not boring....our Tri-Color Beech has given me endless photo opportunities. How gorgeous is this?!
Stepping away from plant life for a moment, this cropped 'piece' of a photo of a Mallard is rich with texture and color.
I couldn't resist including two more 'passions' in one fell swoop. "Killer" demands that we include her in every garden activity, and every photo shoot. She climbs into my lap whenever I sit down, and sticks her nose right up my lens. When I checked this photo I noticed she was wearing a couple of elkhound hairs. Just goes toward proof that elkhound hairs can find their way onto ANYthing.