A Trip to Grand Lake St. Mary's
(all photos taken with Sony H9)

Since Richard and I have become amateur 'shutterbugs', we have managed to get a good friend addicted as well, and we try to find interesting places to go for a "Camera Day"
The economy being what it is, and with us and our friend having dogs to care for at home, we have to find places within a fairly short range. Now...we live in OHIO. Anyone who is a camera addict can tell you, if you want great scenery....ya' gotta get OUT of OHIO. It's pretty dull here. But we manage to find a few places that give us some good photo ops, as long as we aren't insistant on breath-taking landscapes. We focus on flowers, animals, bugs, birds....the smaller stuff. Come along with us to Grand Lake St. Mary's, and see what we were able to capture on digital 'film'.
Richard, our friend Susan and I, left for Celina just after breakfast, and decided we would make a couple of side trips. Our first one was in Eaton, Ohio. This is Robert's Bridge....one of the area's covered bridges. It was moved to this peaceful park to preserve it.
It was still a bit early for this resident goose. She was taking a snooze and sunning herself.
Our second stop was at Annie Oakley's gravesite. We spent quite a while taking pictures there....where I got one of my all-time favorite shots.

I'm not sure how John and Cletus got buried between Annie and her true love, Frank Butler. I'm sure there's a story there.

That all-time favorite shot? This is it. I call it "Moment of Silence". This cowbird posed for several shots, but this is the one I love the most.
Once we finally made it to the Lake, we stopped to shoot a family that was feeding the gulls.
After a leisurely lunch break, and a lot of shots of the surrounding area, we decided to move to another part of the lake. There is a very nice, quiet boat dock with pretty good fishing, and we thought we might see if anything was biting. After a few minutes....THIS guy arrived, and fishing was no longer the main thing on my mind. He landed on the opposite shore, which wasn't more than 30 or 40 yards away, and proceeded to disrupt the serenity.
He was quite loud, and demanded that everyone know that this was HIS fishing spot.
He was a total show-off, and amused us with his antics for a couple of hours. In fact, I got so many great shots, that I had a hard time choosing which to put on this page.
Whenever any other Great Blue would come close, our neighbor would have a total cow, and chase him away, but he would come right back and pose for more pics. It was clearly HIS part of the lake, and everyone else was an intruder.
Any fishing I thought I might do was forgotten when this family showed up right in front of us. Too many good shots to take, the local residents can have the fish!
Once our alloted time away from the critters at home was drawing to a close, we packed up and started to leave. But our new 'friend' had more in store for us. We had to pull our cameras back out of their bags, as Big Blue decided he would visit us on OUR side of the water. He flew in very close to say goodbye. (and probably good ridance). We'll have to make another trip, another year, and see if he is still guarding his fishing hole.